About the Club

The British Caravanners Club was formed in 1933 as a special interest section to cater for the growing number of new caravan owners. We currently have over 6,000 families with over a total of well over 10,000 members in 23 separate areas from all around Britain. You can read more about how the club has developed and grown over the years HERE.

Each area is run by a committee of its own members who organise and run all their own meets. The British Caravanners Club has an annual meet, held during the August bank holiday, called the Feast of Lanterns Rally ( or FOL for short ). At this meet we also present our annual awards for our Young Camper and Miss Rosebud awards for our Youth members.

During the weekend before Spring Bank weekend is when we hold our Annual General Meeting where all BCC members are encouraged to join for a general discussion and everyone can have their say about how the club should be run.


The club is managed by its members for its members. You can view the current list of the Officers of the Club here.